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Zen- Noh Hay, INC
Zen-Noh Hay, Inc. (ZHI) was founded in 1995 to establish a link between the United States and the Japanese livestock farmers who require top quality forage products for their livestock.
Gear Up Sports
Helping sports associations focus on players and not equipment!
Coca Cola
Lexar Homes
Proud members of the Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities, and the Better Business Bureau. Lexar Homes of Tri-Cities in Kennewick services Benton County, Klickitat County, Franklin County, Walla Walla County, Grant County, Columbia County, Garfield County, Asotin County, Adams County and Whitman County in Washington State. As well as Gilliam County, Morrow County, Umatilla County, Union County, Wallowa County, and areas throughout North Eastern Oregon.
Pasco SOUP
Pasco SOUP is a micro-financing initiative based in Pasco, Washington. The program is under the Downtown Pasco Development Authority (DPDA). The purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness and provide tangible support to good, community-based solutions in the Pasco community. With a community as diverse and fast-growing as Pasco, creative community solutions come in many different shapes and flavors
Roasters Coffee
Since the early days Roasters was grounded in local support. We truly are a hometown brand that will always call Tri-Cities home.
The Bill Belichick Foundation
The Bill Belichick Foundation aims to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations. Focusing on football and lacrosse, its mission is to bring the values of the Belichick family – a love of sports, coaching and team building – to the athletic leaders of tomorrow.
Tri Cities Youth Lacrosse
Encompass players from Benton County (Richland & Kennewick), Franklin County (Pasco, Finley, & Burbank) and Walla Walla County. Tri Cities Youth Lacrosse Club focuses on the development of skills to prepare the player for a smooth transition to one of our WHSBLA High School Lacrosse teams in the Tri Cities area, currently Chiawana High School, Southridge High School and Richland High School.